Lease of land

Lease of land has become a common part of Danish agriculture as many farmers either lease or lease out parts of their farmland.

In a contractual relationship between a lessee and a lessor, it is important that the basis of contract is correct in order to protect you to best effect against any unexpected challenges during the lease period or after termination of the lease agreement.


Above all, it is important to have control over the lease and to ensure that a lease agreement is made in order for you to recall the terms and conditions of the lease agreement, even several years after the conclusion thereof.

Before entering into any agreement on the lease of your farmland, you ought to consider the following:


  • The extent of the lease; is there agreement on the leased area?
  • The rent; what is the amount payable by the lessee for leasing the land?
  • When is the rent due, and what are your options if the rent is not paid on time?
  • What are the conditions for cultivating and using the land?
  • Does the lease include any payment rights?
  • What is the duration of the lease, and should the lease agreement include a termination clause?
  • In case of a long-term lease, the possibility of e.g. adjusting the rent to the market level should be considered.

How can we help you with your lease agreement?

HjulmandKaptain has many years of experience in the drafting of lease agreements, providing us with knowledge of all kinds of problems involved in leases, and further, we can advise you on how to draft your specific lease agreement.


In addition, we have extensive experience in the construction of lease agreements and in conducting cases concerning leases, and so, we are also your trusted adviser if the contractual relationship regarding the lease fails.