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Purchase and Sale of Real Estate If your business is in search for new premises, or if you have found a possible investment property or something quite different, we can help you handle the formalities, while you concentrate on other issues. HjulmandKaptai... Search

Data Protection Policy 1. Introduction Processing of personal data concerning users, customers and cooperation partners This policy forms part of HjulmandKaptain’s overall documentation for its compliance with the current data protection legislation. The ... Search

How to buy a summer house in Denmark If you, as a foreigner, wish to buy a summer house in Denmark, we advise you to consult a Danish lawyer. A Danish lawyer helps you with the following. Guidance to ensure that you fulfil the conditions for the applicati... Search

EU Law Many business affairs, indeed far more than believed by most people, are subject to EU law, meaning that EU-law has great influence over most business areas. The following are examples of areas directly influenced by EU law: EU tenders, EU competiti... Search

The Danish Competition Act applies to all businesses The rules of the Danish Competition Act applies to all businesses, and the purpose thereof is to prevent businesses from restricting fair competition and to secure perfect competition for the benefit of ... Search

Exclusive pre-view – FIDIC Yellow Book 2nd Edition Actors in the field of international construction law is probably familiar with FIDIC’s (the International Federation of Consulting Engineers) publications of standard contracts, often referred to as the “... Search

Private insurance Below is some advice, if you require an overview of your private insurance policies. In connection with sickness and accidents, you need to have an overview of your private insurance, e.g. the following: accident insurance; pension insur... Search

Good Advice Good advice on cases concerning personal injury. Our long-term experience of cases concerning personal injury means that we have extensive expertise in advising on matters being of importance to you if you wish to obtain reasonable compensation... Search

Reopening of cases The possibility for reopening an action for compensation will depend on whether the injury was inflicted on you before or after 1 July 2002. Before 1 July 2002 A closed case concerning an action for compensation may be reopened in case o... Search

Contact us If you become ill or injured, it is important for you to have an overview of the opportunities of compensation available to you. At HjulmandKaptain, our team of compensation specialist are at your disposal to assist you in obtaining reasonable c... Search