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About HjulmandKaptain

HjulmandKaptain is a knowledge-based business. Our employees are by far our most important resource. In fact, we earn our living from our employees’ skills and expertise. Continuous improvement of competence, good working conditions and plenty of elbow room for the individual provide the framework for the development of our employees and thus benefit not only the employees, but also the clients, the business and the world surrounding us.

Our values are based upon commitment, competence and proximity, affecting everything we do.


Our work is dedicated to our clients.

We are committed to our profession and support each other.


We possess the knowledge required for the specific counselling of each individual client.

We share our knowledge, and always stribe to become even more qualified.


We put our clients first.

We make room for the individual and the whole person.

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  • Our set of values is based upon ...





    Our knowledge is your strength

    Our mission may not be characteristic for Northern Jutland, but we actually mean it!

    The knowledge of our employees is our primary resource which is strengthened every day by the continuous development of our competence.

    Our organisation with special areas of expertise is particularly beneficial to our clients and provides the basis for internal development of competence by means of in-house knowledge sharing and training.

    In conclusion, we mean every word of our mission: Our knowledge is your strength, whether you are our client or our employee.