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HjulmandKaptain - a Full-Service Law Firm

HjulmandKaptain has more than 100 employees; 48 of whom are attorneys. Our attorneys are all specialized within various legal fields, which ensures a thorough and professional counselling.

We train and specialize continuously in order to achieve the highest possible degree of professional knowledge and expertise. Our aim is for our clients to have at least two attorneys as their primary contacts.

Professional understanding of the requirements of the individual client, impartiality, accountability and an open and informal dialogue are important keywords to us.

Our clients include many kinds of companies, both in Denmark and abroad, right from industrial groups and companies listed on the stock exchange to small or owner-managed companies. Further, we offer counselling to municipalities, public institutions, foundations, associations and financial undertakings.

We are able to solve - or contribute to the solution of - virtually any problem presented to us by our clients.

The English translation is not comprehensive. Therefore, please contact us if you do not find a description in English of the subject on which you are seeking advice

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